Apply a small amount to the genital area. Add a few drops of water or repeat application to reactivate lubricity.


Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin (to retain moisture), Polyethylene Oxide (a stable, biologically inert polymer), Grapefruit Seed Extract (to prevent micro-organism contamination)

  • GLYCERIN - A sweet liquid derived from plants. It imparts a smooth, silky feel when Probe is spread over the skin and holds water close to moisturize skin.
  • POLYETHYLENE OXIDE - A pure, edible, biologically inert polymer. It provides a thick, sensuous feel to Probe. It holds immense amounts of water; gradually released upon rubbing.
  • GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT - A bitter, botanically complex fluid. In small amounts it preserves the physical qualities of Probe by inhibiting growth of micro-organisms.
a grapefruit

Why do I need a personal lubricant?

The lubrication supplied by the body is sometimes insufficient. Situations that may reduce natural lubrication are:

  • Breast feeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Pelvic surgery
  • Maturity
  • Stress
  • Decreased arousal

Lubrication may also be affected by use of: birth control pills, cold medications, and other drugs. Probe is designed to ease such situations. However, in extreme cases please consult your physician.

Why should I use Probe?

When supplemental lubrication is desired, Probe provides a safe, hygienic solution, which is designed to mimic the body's own lubrication. Probe is:

  • A blend of 3 safe, simple and natural ingredients
  • Safe for vaginal, rectal and oral use
  • Safe for use with condoms
  • Harmless if swallowed
  • pH neutral, odorless, tasteless & non-staining
  • Contains no perfumes, colorants, nonoxynol-9 or other harsh chemicals

Probe is extensively tested by an independent laboratory to ensure your safety and monitor production, and is also recommended by physicians.

Which should I use: Thick Rich or Silky Light formula?

Probe's Thick Rich formula is designed to mimic women's fertile mucous & provide a thick, substantial layer of lubrication between skin surfaces. For those who enjoy the sensation of effortless movement.

Probe's Silky Light formula is designed to mimic human saliva & provide a silky, thin layer of lubrication for direct sensation of skin surfaces. For those who enjoy feeling ridges & convolutions while gliding over skin.

Precautions for use of Probe

Although Probe is not intended for use as a spermicide, it may kill some sperm. Therefore, should pregnancy be desired, Probe should not be used.

Though Probe will dry after use, it will not be gone until washed away. Clean up spills completely to prevent slipping, especially near bath, shower or other wet surface.