"When they claim it's supposed to mimic vaginal mucous, they're not kidding, it's eerily spot-on. Also, unlike many other water-based lubes, it doesn't get sticky or tacky after use; it just dries out."
SheVibe - Feb 23, 2017

"What I love about this personal lubricant is its natural citrus preservative, made from grapefruit seed extract."
Spicy Gear blog - August 8, 2014

"Still, when all’s said and done, this was some pretty stellar lube. I’m a sensitive girl with some pretty sensitive skin, and this lube felt just like water to me, except that it stayed slippery for some time. "
Condom Depot - May 27, 2014

"The main reason I love this stuff is it seems to have the exact same consistency as precum."
Allmalesextoys - May 28, 2013

"Probe is one of the oldest “second generation” lubricants, and one of the first made specifically for sex play and promoted by better sex shops. Probe is unique for it’s short ingredient list and for being the closest lubricant to actually deliver on the promise of no-taste/no-odor, and also for it’s loyal following." - July 29, 2012

"When I rubbed a little of the lube between my fingers I found that it was readily absorbed and left no sticky residue, on the contrary my fingertips felt soft and smooth. It was like I had applied a quality moisturiser to them."
Sextoysbuzz - February 27, 2012