Doctor & Pharmacy Info:

In distribution since 1981, Probe is classified by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device and is manufactured in a licensed pharmaceutical laboratory under strict quality control. It is safe for use in all non-sterile clinical procedures: vaginal, rectal, and oral use. It is safe for use with condoms, tampons, douches and enemas. Probe is the most natural lubricant on the market with three simple ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and a natural citrus preservative. The glycerin in Probe is vegetable derived.  The preservative system is grapefruit seed extract.

Probe is recommended by numerous health professionals and has seen use by State Health Departments, Planned Parenthood Clinics, and Universities across the country. Probe also receives regular print recognition in magazines such as Mens Health and Womens Day, and can be found in many regional and local drugstores and pharmacies nationwide.